LibTech x Bent Metal Bindings : Grey

LibTech x Bent Metal Bindings

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The LibTech x Bent Metal Bindings in Grey for riders who enjoy the steeps of your local hill and hot laps through the park. Why not have a binder that does it all? Dont let Larry take these ones from you! Dude, who got this one?!



The Lib Tech x Bent Metal Binding Features:

Poly / ALU Modular Baseplate
•Hybrid design for precision and nuance. The combination of three distinct materials creates a baseplate with precision, flex, and vibration free performance. The baseplate features a fiber reinforced polyamide for flex and response, stamped and formed aluminum for precision, and rubber for vibration absorption. The toe and heel ramps are adjustable, allowing the footbed length to increase / decrease for custom fit and rider preference.

Cored Highback
•This lightweight cored highback is responsive and laterally mobile. EVA foam pad extends over the top edge down to the heel pocket for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Aluminum Heelcup
•This responsive aluminum heelcup transfers rider input with accuracy and provides greater precision. Adjustability allows for a customized fit. The heelcup increases in height when moved outward to adapt to larger boots.

Asymmetric Ankle Strap
•The ankle strap has an asymmetric design that adds extra support laterally and increased medial mobility. An inverse seam construction allows for maximum comfort. This wild binding strap is hand stuffed by Bent Metal Larry with recycled "soft" items found in and around the couch.

Leather Rollover Toe Strap
•The toe strap can be ridden on top or rolled over the toe. The wrap design conforms to the shape of your boot.

Single Seam Footbed
•Smooth EVA foam footbed with a gushy heel shock pad. The footbed is canted to allow for a more balanced stance and powerful pop from toe to heel for maximum comfort. The disc cover is tool-less and easy to remove.

Stiff Responsiveness: 7

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