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Flux TT Bindings

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Decked out in wild style by iconic artist James Haunt, the Flux TT JSLV Snowboard Binding is a collaborative piece between Flux Bindings, JSLV, and Flux rider Tyler Lynch. Committed to bringing quality apparel to snow, skate, and graffiti culture, JSLV is well represented on the binding's stylish graphics. Tyler Lynch's crew of shred-heads is represented on this binding as well, with "GBP" graphics emblazoned upon the binding.

Built to be solid enough for Tyler's skate-influenced riding, the TT JSLV binding can handle heavy drops and large jumps, yet it's flexible enough for jibbing and park runs. This binding retains all of the notable features of Flux's original TT binding, including an Alpha highback for medium response when turning down the mountain.

Featuring a Genetic baseplate with tool-less adjustable toe and heel cushions, the TT can be customized to fit your foot size and boot profile. Comfortable F-Tech 3D Fit ankle straps are loaded with 3D cushioning to keep you riding pressure free. Flux's molded, one-piece FTM Monocoque toe straps give loads of response by wrapping around the front of your boot, for precise fit and pressure-free feel. Both the ankle and toe straps are tool-less adjustable, for dialing in a great fit while riding or tuning.



Flux TT Bindings Features:

  • Alpha highback made of super tough nylon
  • Genetic baseplate made of a performance blend
  • Adjustable toe and heel cushions
  • F-Tech 3D Fit Strap
  • FTM Monocoque Toe Strap
  • Tool-less adjustable straps and highback

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