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Flux SF Bindings

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The Flux SF Snowboard Binding is the top choice for team riders Eric Willett and Scotty Vine, due to top-level response and comfortable EVA footbed cushioning. Many bindings are marketed as "all-mountain" but the SF bindings are truly capable of destroying any terrain you can throw their way.

Totally redesigned for this season, these bindings are rocking an entirely new baseplate and highback. The new Ultima baseplate is made from a super blend, giving you high levels of edge-to-edge response and powerful flex when initiating turns. With significant improvements over last season's Alpha baseplate, higher sidewalls and straighter lines create better response when carving and riding over variable terrain surfaces.

Offering natural canting and improved toe edge response, Flux has placed a Deck & Edge Sensors Freeride footbed on the SF. This freeride-specific footbed has a softer instep, creating natural canting. The natural canting gives you a small amount of tilt by allowing your boot to naturally compress and conform to the footbed as you ride. This small tilt allows for loftier ollies and more power to the nose and tail of the board. Additionally, Flux has added urethane stabilizers in two densities for a customized on-board feel.

Cradling the back of your boot, the new Ultima Freeride highback provides a responsive feel, due to the wrapped design. It's crafted of a super tough nylon material for stiffness and durability against hard landings and crashes. Tool-less forward lean adjustment can be found at the bottom of the highback, letting you make slopeside adjustments when riding varying terrain or freestyle features.

Securing you comfortably and quickly within the binding itself, Flux has trickled down straps from the flagship DM binding for ultimate response and cushy feel. The Absolute Fit ankle strap is a freeride-specific shape, providing tons of response and solid hold around your entire boot. The FTM Monocoque toe strap sucks your boot into the binding itself, for a superior fit, more response, and minimized pressure points. Both the ankle and toe straps are tool-less adjustable for dialing in on-the-fly.



Flux SF Bindings Features:

  • Ultima Freeride highback made of super tough nylon
  • Ultima baseplate made of a super blend
  • Deck & Edge Sensors Freeride footbed with canting
  • Adjustable toe & heel cushions
  • Urethane stabilizers in two densities
  • Absolute Fit ankle strap, freeride shape
  • FTM Monocoque toe strap
  • Alpha Ratchet buckles

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