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Inspired by the vast landscapes of Japan's northern island, the graphics on the Flux RK Horizon Snowboard Binding are extremely intricate and organic. This binding was designed in partnership with Horizon, a Japanese artist and former Flux team rider. He has managed to capture the essence of Hokkaido with depictions of stacked cityscapes, bright flowers, and crescent moons.

The RK Horizon binding is essentially the same as Flux's original street and park specific binding, the RK. A F-Tech Asym highback enables you to butter, tweak, and press to your heart's delight. Made from urethane, this highback gives you a very comfortable fit and soft flex when hitting up the park or jibbing for hours on end.

Flux has loaded this binding with a customizable fit and tool-less adjustability. The Alpha baseplate has adjustable toe and heel cushions to fit varying foot sizes and boot profiles. F-Tech 3D ankle straps provide a 3D fit for improved comfort and minimized pressure points. High-end FTM Monocoque toe straps are provided for a comfy feel and wrapped design. Both the toe and ankle straps are tool-less adjustable, allowing you to quickly tweak the fit while riding or tuning at home.



Flux RK Bindings Features:

  • Artwork by Japanese artist Horizon
  • Super soft flex
  • F-Tech Asym highback made of urethane
  • Alpha baseplate with tool-less adjustable toe and heel cushions
  • F-Tech 3D Fit ankle strap
  • FTM Monocoque toe strap
  • li>Both straps are tool-less adjustable

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