Bataleon Undisputed Snowboard : 167cm

Bataleon Undisputed Snowboard

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The Bataleon UNDISPUTED board is a snowboard for men who never retreat and never surrender. Don't even consider buying one to go pussyfooting around the mountain. This is one turbo badass all mountain freeride board that is tricked out with tech and features: FREERIDE TBT means that the UNDISPUTED has directional contact and outline shapes. FREERIDE TBT is longer and deeper on the nose, making it practically impossible to submarine. The shorter and shallower tail TBT delivers maximum power on the way out of every carve and means that the UNDISPUTED is optimised for a setback stance. The stance is setback 2cm as standard, with optional BACKSEAT INSERTS so that you can drop the bindings all the way back on those deep days to put your weight over your back foot and save you from the dreaded rear leg burn!
The UNDISPUTED boasts a REACTOR CORE with hardwood inserts along the sidewalls and tip-to-tail carbon beams running parallel to the edges. These work in conjunction to give precise and even power delivery and force distribution along the edge for better and less jittery grip. Your smoothest carve just got even smoother! A sintered base ensures a blistering ride. Whether it be down bullet proof corduroy groomers or the deepest of deep snow, you will be cranking hard turns from the top to the bottom! TRI-AX laminate layers complete the construction and together with the hardwood inserts and carbon beams the make the UNDISPUTED the pinnacle of responsiveness that can load serious pop and is stable as hell, even off huge drops!
If carving or freeriding is your thing and you like it hard, fast and responsive then the UNDISPUTED is your poison.



The Bataleon Undisputed Snowboard Features:

  • Triple Base Tech : Freeride
  • Outline Shape : Directional
  • Contact Shape : Directional
  • Flex : 8


  • 167cm
    • Contact Length : 125cm
    • Tip / Tail Width : 306/304mm
    • Waist Width : 265mm
    • Setback : 20mm
    • Sidecut Radius : 8.85m
    • Inserts : 24
    • Stance Width : 58cm
  • Size Chart

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