Solstice Supply Co. is a small online shop specializing in high end products from all your favorite board sport brands. In 2007 Solstice Supply Co. was founded by Justin Clapick out of his moms' garage. Today our headquarters has grown into a 3600 sq. ft. warehouse located at the base of the beautiful Cascade Mountains in Bend Oregon. Solstice is still owned and operated by people who have devoted their lives to snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. The owners take your calls, pack your boxes, throw in stickers, and ship the gear you need to enjoy the board sports you love.

Through years of experience shredding powder, streets, and perfect breaks, we have formed valuable relationships with the industries top brands in order to bring you the best prices on your favorite gear. When we were young shredders, our peers educated us to the best styles and products which we strive to offer our customers through Solstice Supply Co. Our goal is simple, to bring our fellow riders the best selection of high end gear at the lowest prices possible.

While we understand that online shopping is the wave of the future, we also understand that relationships with others are the spice of life. Through exceptional customer service, broad product selection, unparalleled shipping speed, and our low price guarantee, Solstice is able to bring you most personal online shopping experience the web has to offer. By utilizing valuable customer feedback we receive, our selection grows to match the products you want.

At Solstice we feel strongly about the reducing our carbon footprint. Although most all businesses contribute to the pollution of our environment in one way or other, at Solstice we aim to lower our negative contribution by participating in the 3 R’s of a sustainable environment -Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We ship all soft goods in 100% recycled polybags that can be reused for returns. We may reuse in-tact boxes that have made a journey once or twice before. We take pride in partnering with manufacturers that conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible matter so that we can all continue to enjoy the sports we love for years to come.

With every order you place at Solstice, you make it possible for us to work in the industry that we have devoted our lives to.

High fives, hugs, and big THANK YOU's from the fellers at Solstice Supply Co.

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